The Theotokos Institute for Catholic Studies

I have mentioned the Theotokos Institute for Catholic Studies on this blog before, but I am please to say that in recent weeks, we have hired a new instructor for Latin, and will be launching the first module of our online study programme in the autumn. Please keep an eye open for it, and put the word out to anyone who may be interested.

In the meantime, please take a look at this video, which explains what we mean at the Institute by ‘Theology before Division’:

Although we bear the word ‘Catholic’ in our name, this should in no way be understood as meaning ‘Roman Catholic’; rather, the Institute is interested primarily in the theology of the first millennium, and how the Church might approach contemporary challenges from an historically sound perspective.

Consequently, we hope that anyone interested in the sources of Christian faith – including Oriental Orthodox, Eastern Orthodox, Eastern Catholic, Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, or any other traditionally-oriented Christian – will find something of interest in what we offer.


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