Crypto-Nazism and Support for Russia


One of the most distressing factors in the Ukrainian crisis since Russia seized Crimea is the resignation, both conscious and unconscious, people in the West have exhibited toward the prospect of a nation like Ukraine being broken apart. I have been appalled by the willingness some personal friends and acquaintances have shown to accept that not only the Crimea, but most of the Ukrainian East and South, could easily be swallowed up by Russia and that there is little anyone can do about it. This is in spite of the obvious parallels to be drawn with the Anschluss and subsequent actions taken by Nazi Germany from 1938 on, and the fact that both NATO and European policy since 1945 has ostensibly been the preservation of European borders and the integrity of European nation-states. As a child of the Cold War, I can only look on the emasculated response of almost every Western country other than Canada with despair and incredulity, and the lack of perception on the part of certain personal acquaintances with disapprobation.

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