Ukraine’s Struggle: Where Heaven and Earth Meet

priests of Maidan

Here is my latest, posted in full at RISU:

Like countless others both in Ukraine and around the world, I have been transfixed by events as they have unfolded over these last weeks and months. The world’s cameras and spotlights have been fixed on Kyiv and Ukraine as a whole in a way that they have not been in living memory, and perhaps ever. And as the world has watched, things have happened that I never in my wildest dreams would have thought possible. By this, I do not necessarily mean the obvious: the country’s liberation from a criminal Yanukovych and his thuggish rule by sheer force of the people’s will, or the ultimate exposing of Putin as a malevolent puppet master and military aggressor. Both scenarios have been breath-taking for what they imply, and yet for all that, they do not sufficiently reflect the utterly inspiring reality behind all that has happened.

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